Online Brief Treatment Service launches

HAGA, the alcohol action charity, is now offering online support to Haringey residents, including in the evenings and at the weekends, to support those who think they may be drinking a little too much.  Mark Holmes, Telehealth Coordinator at HAGA, said: “Think of it like WeightWatchers or Slimming World but for cutting down your booze.…


Going dry for mum

Local man, John Toner, is going dry for January to raise money for HAGA. He tells us what why he’s doing a booze-free stint and how he’s finding it. Watch this space for updates from John.


SOS Haringey

Colchester’s SOS Bus was brought to the streets of Haringey in a bid to offer a safe haven for those encountering or suffering from violent crime and those finding themselves worse for wear after festive celebrations over the Christmas period.


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Families in Recovery

With funding from the Department of Communities and Local Government, families in recovery are now offering support to one another in the community.


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Breaking New Ground

In November 2013, HAGA set about creating a new programme in its new alcohol service site. We wanted to offer something structured but flexible for people who were new to treatment and had not lived an alcohol-free lifestyle for some time.


Join the debate and cast your votes at HAGA action on alcohol’s Annual Public Meeting 2014, HAGA, action on alcohol

Positive drinking: fantasy or reality?

This November we held our Annual Public Meeting (APM) here at HAGA. Timed to coincide with Alcohol Awareness Week, this year’s meeting centred around a debate on the concept of positive drinking. In addition to a high profile panel, HAGA staff, service-users and members of the public were invited to join the discussion, before having a chance to cast their vote on whether positive drinking can be a reality or is just a fantasy.


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HAGA’s 2014 Annual Report out now!

It’s been a busy year for us at HAGA (no change there . . .) We have a new strapline, a new website and a brand new service aimed at supporting families and communities affected by substance misuse. You can read all about it in our vibrant annual report.